Hot Jobs

Local employers have identified an immediate need to fill the following positions!

Finishing Trades Institute of Western and Central New York (Ithaca) will continuously be accepting applications for painters, decorator and paperhanger apprentices and glazier apprentices. Applications are in the resource room. Ask the person at the desk in the resource room.

Ink Screener 

Location: Binghamton

Description:  This person will be mixing inks, preparing ink screens and also inspection of glass panels. People in this position will be utilizing semi-automated equipment to apply ink.

Industrial Spray Painter

Location - Binghamton

Job Description - This person will mix paint, Operate and maintain spray paint equipment. Spray paint a variety of items in an even and uniform manner.

Assembly Technician

Location - Binghamton

Job Description -  Hand assembly of highly cosmetic glass panel assemblies.

Vision Rehabilitation Therapist -

Location - Binghamton NY

Job Description - The Vision Rehabilitation Therapist is responsible for the evaluation and training of individuals to maximize self-sufficiency and independence in the home and/or work environment. Proficient teaching, problem solving, cooperating, and communication with internal/external service providers are key elements of the position, to ensure quality of service and consumer satisfaction.

Rehabilitation Assistant -

Location - Binghamton

Job Description - Communication with visually impaired consumers, their family members, significant others, and employers or potential employers when appropriate, is ongoing.

Communication with the Director of Health and Rehabilitation Services is frequent.

Communication with the Assistive Technology Instructor is frequent.

Communication with staff; i.e.: Vision Rehabilitation Specialists, Orientation and Mobility Specialists, Low Vision Therapist, and Employment and Career Specialist is ongoing.